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regatta app

Regatta Count-down 1.0

Count down clock for sailing regattas. Synchronize with 6 min, 5 min, 4 min and 1 min sounds and flags signals.

Number ONE 1 Flag Warning signal

P (PAPA) Flag Preparatory signal

5-minute Starting procedure

-5 min Warning signal
bandiera_1 + sound signal.

-4 min Preparatory signal
bandiera_1 + bandiera_2 + sound signal.

-1 min Lowering Preparatory signal bandiera_1

0 Lowering of warning flag at the start, with sound signal

TIP Touch the display for change foreground and background colors:
White on Black - Black on Withe - Red on Black

Countdown -53 sec.

Regatta start +1 sec.

Racing Rules of Sailing

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